Anna Abelmann

New: The Journal of Intelligence History (Vol. 13, No. 1, 2014)

IIHA Journal 13-01 aa

A new issue of the Journal of Intelligence History has just been published. Here you can have a quick look at the table of contents: Articles: Intelligence shocks, media coverage, and congressional accountability, 1947–2012 (by Loch K. Johnson) Spies and diplomats in Bismarck’s Germany: collaboration between military intelligence and the Foreign Office, 1871–1881 (by James Stone)…

Call for Papers: Intelligence Services and Democracy


Intelligence services and their activities present unique challenges for democracies all over the world: on the one hand, these services serve a key role in national security and foreign policy and provide decision-makers with crucial information and assessments, while on the other hand, clandestine intelligence means and methods as well as the wide investigative and…

Welcome to the IIHA


Founded in 1993, the International Intelligence History Association (IIHA) was founded to promote scholarly research on intelligence organisations and their impact on historical development and international relations. After 20 years the IIHA today is a well-established association with members from all over the world. The annual conferences provide a forum for academic exchange and the…