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New lecture series!

We would like to draw your attention to a fascinating lecture series:


Knowledge in the Shadows
Intelligence, Hidden Pasts, and Historians in the U.S. and Germany
German Historical Institute Spring Lecture Series 2024

All lectures will be in-person at GHI Washington and
will be made available as video recordings for online
viewing. For more information and registration, please
visit here.

February 22, 2024 | 6:00pm ET
A Frank and Open Discussion about the
Secret World of Spying
Alexis Albion (International Spy Museum)

March 21, 2024 | 6:00pm ET
From Abundant Papers to Limited Pixels:
Digitization and Intelligence Reduction in the
Brazilian Serviço Nacional de Informações
(SNI) in the late 1970s
Debora Gerstenberger (University of Cologne)

April 18, 2024 | 6:00pm ET
Spy vs. Spy: West German
Counterintelligence and GDR Espionage
Michael Wala (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

May 23, 2024 | 6:00pm ET
The History and Future of State Secrecy
Matthew Connelly (Columbia University)