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Coming soon: The new Journal of Intelligence History (Vol. 13, No. 2, 2014)

The new issue of the Journal of Intelligence History will be published soon. Have a quick look at the table of contents:

  • German and Soviet intelligence activities in Sweden in 1944: Voldemar Blankenfelds and the deportation of Baron Bernd von Gossler (by Johan Matz)
  • The surveillance of friends: MI5 and friendly aliens during the Second World War (by Daniel Münzner)
  • Mossad directors and the media: a historical perspective (by Clila Magen)
  • Conspiracy and contemporary history: revisiting MI5 and the Wilson plot[s] (by Jon Moran)
  • Signals in the sea: the value of Ultra intelligence in the Mediterranean in World War II (by Maria Robson)
  • Propaganda and intelligence: Iraq 2005-2007 (by Glen Segell)
  • A ‘lantern in the dark night’: the origins and early development of China’s SIGINT service (by David Ian Chambers)