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Annual Conference 2015, May 8-10: Intelligence and Technology

The IIHA is glad to invite you to its 21th Annual Conference which takes place at the Conference Center of the Hotel “I” in Zagreb, Croatia on May 8-10, 2015. Please find the conference program and further details below. The registration deadline is May 1, 2015. Registration is to be done by email to the IIHA Executive Director at exec_director(a)


International Intelligence History Association (IIHA)

Annual Conference 2015

8-10 May 2015

Intelligence and Technology

Hotel “I”, Ulica Ive Robica 2,

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia



FRIDAY (8th of May, 2015)

12:30             Arrival and Registration

13:30             Opening Ceremony

Shlomo SHPIRO, Chairman of the IIHA

Gordan AKRAP, Conference Organizer

Slavko BARIC , Commander, Croatian Defence Academy

Guest of Honour: Drago LOVRIC, Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces


14:00-16:00  Panel I: Strategic Intelligence and Technology

Chair: Shlomo SHPIRO, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

  • Gerhard SCHMID, Vice President of the European Parliament (ret.), Germany:

           Five Eyes everywhere – is Privacy a Stake?

  • Miroslav TUDJMAN, University of Zagreb, Croatia:

           Why SIGINT is not enough for strategic Intelligence Estimates – the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina     

  • Ephraim LAPID, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

           The updated Role of OSINT in the Israeli Intelligence                 

  • Sean N. KALIC, US Army Command and General Staff College, USA:

           Eyes in the Sky: U.S. Military, Satellites, and the need for Intelligence 1945-1960    


16:00-16:30  Coffee Break


16:30-18:30  Panel II: Intelligence and Technology in World War II

Chair: Gordan AKRAP, University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Christian ROSSÉ, Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland:

            The Hunt for Clandestine Emitters in Switzerland during WW II            

  • Jerca VODUSEK STARIC, University of Maribor, Slovenia:

            „Decoding“ Yugoslavia – The State and the Role of Intelligence Communication    

  • Pawel PRZEZDZIECKI, Polish Military Centre of Civic Education, Poland:

            High Speed Radiotelegraphy

  • Egemen BEZCI, University of Nottingham, UK:

            Anglo-Turkish Reconnaissance Activities during WW II


19:00             Dinner

Keynote Speech: Dr. Ljerka Mintas Hodak, Former Minister of European Affairs (to be confirmed)



SATURDAY (9th of May, 2015)

9:00-10:30    Panel III (Young Researcher Forum / parallel workshops)

Chair: Charlotte BACKERRA, University of Mainz, Germany


10:30             Coffee Break


11:00-13:00  Panel IV: Intelligence Cooperation and Technology

Chair: John NOMIKOS, RIEAS, Athens, Greece

  • Eyal PASCOVICH, University of Haifa, Israel:

             The Quest for Nuclear Technologies – Israeli Bureau of Scientific Liaison (LAKAM) and the Fiasco of the Pollard Affair

  • Anna ABELMANN, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany:

             From Paris with Love? French-Israeli Intelligence Cooperation in the 1950s and the Dimona Project

  • Adi FRIMARK, Bar Ilan Universty, Ramat Gan, Israel:

             David versus Goliath: Israeli Intelligence Technology and the USSR

  • Darko TRIFUNOVIC, University of Belgrade, Serbia:

             Intelligence and New Technology    


13:00-14:30  Lunch Break


14:30-16:00  Panel V: Codebreaking and Cryptography

Chair: Thomas WEGENER FRIIS, University of Southern Danmark, Danmark

  • Cees WIEBES, Senior Analyst (ret.), National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, The Netherlands:

             The US Great Seal Bug and the Dutch Effort to build a Replica for the CIA 

  • Samantha HOSSACK, University of Calgary, Canada:

             With Morality on the Line – The United States Use of Codebreaking and Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in the Pacific              War

  • Detlev VREISLEBEN, Process Control Engineer (ret.), Germany:

             Clandestine Communication and Cryptography in Germany during the Cold War


16:00             Coffee Break


16:30-18:00  Panel VI: New Challenges and Intelligence – Internet and Social Media

Chair: Anna DAUN, University of Cologne, Germany

  • Tonći PRODAN, Split Faculty of Maritime Studies, Croatia:

             Internet, Terrorism, Counterterrorism

  • Azriel LORBER, IDF Major (ret.), Israel:

             Technological Intelligence and Technological Surprise              

  • Verena DIERSCH, University of Cologne, Germany:

             The framing of Cyber Surveillance


18:00-19:00  IIHA Annual Membership Meeting (IIHA Members only)


19:30             Dinner

Keynote Speaker Shlomo SHPIRO: 20 Years of Intelligence Studies – What did we learn?



SUNDAY (10th of May, 2015)

9:00-11:00    Panel VII: Homeland Wars and Intelligence

Chair: Chris MORAN, University of Warwick, UK

  • Per-Arne PERSSON, Swedish Army Officer (ret.), National Defence College / Jan-Inge Svensson, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden:

              Managing the Boundary Zone – Intelligence Lessons from the Balkan Wars from a Swedish Perspective   

  • Ivan POKAZ, Brig. General (ret.), Croatia:

              The Importance of SIGINT for the Planning, Preparation and Execution of Military Operations – Experience                                 Comparison from the Homeland War and the recent Military Intelligence Doctrine

  • André RANSON, Lt.-General (ret.), France:

              The Hunt for PIFWCs in Bosnia-Herzegovina: a French Perspective

  • Wesley JOHNSON, Athens, Greece:

              Yugoslav National Army Counter Intelligence and Croatian Arms Acquisition 1990-91


11:00             Coffee Break


11:30-13:30  Panel VIII: Cold War and Counterintelligence

Chair: Wolfgang KRIEGER, University of Marburg, Germany

  • Michael SCHOENHALS, University of Lund, Sweden:

              The Golden Age of Steam – Mail Inspection and Counterintelligence in Cold War China

  • Michael WALA, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany:

              KIBITZ-15: A Stay-Behind-Networks Career in the Early Federal Republic

  • Susanne MEINL, University of Trier, Germany:

              Intelligence between Denazification and the Cold War: The Civil Censorship Division in Germany 1945-1947

  • Patryk PLESKOT, Institute of National Remembrance, Warsaw, Poland:

              Technology on Duty – Technological tools used by Polish Counter-Intelligence in the Surveillance of Western                           Diplomats                                                             

13:30             Closing remarks


Miroslav  TUDJMAN


14:00             End of Conference