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Coming soon: The Journal of Intelligence History Vol. 14, Issue 2, 2015

The new issue of the Journal of Intelligence History is published. Have a quick look at the table of contents:



* Looking for meaning: lessons from Mossad’s failed adaption to the post-Cold War era, 1991-2013 (by Tamir Libel)

* Nerve agent development: a lesson in intelligence failure? (by Mark Wilkinson)

* The CIA and the invention of tradition (by Simon Willmetts)

* Monster in the box: the card index affair and the transformation of Switzerland’s intelligence information system, 1989-1994 (by Hannes Mangold)


Book Reviews:

* Michael Warner: The rise and fall of intelligence: an international security history (by Christopher Bailey)

* Kaeten Mistry: The United States, Italy and the origins of Cold War. Waging political warfare, 1945-1950 (by Matteo Faini)

* Katherine Verdery: Ethnography in the archive of Romania’s Secret Police, the Natalie Zemon davis Annual Lecture Series Vol. 7 (by Christian Domnitz)

* Michael S. Goodman (The official hostpry pf the Joint Intelligence Committee, Vol. 1: from the approach of the Second World War to the Suez Crisis (by Daniel W. B. Lomas)

* Michael J. Sulick: American Spies: Espionage against the United States from the Cold War to the present (by Dee Dutta)

* Rory Cormac: Confronting the colonies: British Intelligence and counterinsurgency (by Tom Peel and Paul Sharpe)

* Erik J. Dahl: Intelligence and surprise attack: failure and success from Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and beyond (by John J. McGonagle)