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Call for Papers: Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence, its knowledge, its sources and subsequent actions play a unique role in conflict and war situations as well as in the development of military strategies, tactics and analyses both in time of peace and war. Military Intelligence Services collect and analyse information, they produce highly relevant intelligence to support the decision process of military commanders and political leaders alike.

These services gain their information from a wide range of both human and technical sources, and they are very active in the field of technology development. Intelligence thus influences the balance of power and has an impact on future trends in international relations between states and supranational organisations. Military intelligence is not only relevant in time of war and conflict but also during transformation processes and in times of peace. Military intelligence services also interact with civilian intelligence players to extend their field of knowledge and sources of information, while, at the same time, being in competition for sources and resources as well as for political influence.

Due to its complexity and multidisciplinary approach, Military intelligence research comprises numerous fields of study as history, security and intelligence studies, political science or sociology, physics, engineering and mathematics.

The 2016 IIHA annual conference at the “Militärhistorisches Museum” in Dresden (April 15-17, 2016) aims to explore past, current and future developments, analysis and trends in Military Intelligence research. We invite paper proposals dealing with every aspect of intelligence services, operations and activities relevant to the topic of the conference, of any period, from the ancient world to the present day and are not limited geographically. The conference theme is broad, both in terms of the periods covered and of the focus of papers. This will provide a wide range of possibilities for discussions and a variety of themes relating to intelligence and technology. We especially encourage paper proposals from young researchers and doctoral students as well as from established scholars and former practitioners.

Please submit your paper proposal abstract of 150-300 words and your detailed CV by email to the IIHA Executive Director Anna Abelmann at:

The deadline for proposal submissions is 20th November 2015. Acceptance notifications will go out by late December.

Conference presenters are encouraged to submit their revised paper in the form of an article to the Association’s Journal of Intelligence History within two months after the conference.