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Annual Conference 2015, May 8-10, Zagreb

International Intelligence History Association (IIHA)

Annual Conference 2015

8-10 May 2015

Intelligence and Technology

Hotel “I”, Ulica Ive Robica 2,

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia



FRIDAY (8th of May, 2015)

12:30             Arrival and Registration

13:30             Opening Ceremony

Shlomo SHPIRO, Chairman of the IIHA

Gordan AKRAP, Conference Organizer

Slavko BARIC , Commander, Croatian Defence Academy

Guest of Honour: Drago LOVRIC, Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces


14:00-16:00  Panel I: Strategic Intelligence and Technology

Chair: Shlomo SHPIRO, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

  • Gerhard SCHMID, Vice President of the European Parliament (ret.), Germany:

           Five Eyes everywhere – is Privacy a Stake?

  • Miroslav TUDJMAN, University of Zagreb, Croatia:

           Why SIGINT is not enough for strategic Intelligence Estimates – the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina     

  • Ephraim LAPID, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

           The updated Role of OSINT in the Israeli Intelligence                 

  • Sean N. KALIC, US Army Command and General Staff College, USA:

           Eyes in the Sky: U.S. Military, Satellites, and the need for Intelligence 1945-1960    


16:00-16:30  Coffee Break


16:30-18:30  Panel II: Intelligence and Technology in World War II

Chair: Gordan AKRAP, University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Christian ROSSÉ, Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland:

            The Hunt for Clandestine Emitters in Switzerland during WW II            

  • Jerca VODUSEK STARIC, University of Maribor, Slovenia:

            „Decoding“ Yugoslavia – The State and the Role of Intelligence Communication    

  • Pawel PRZEZDZIECKI, Polish Military Centre of Civic Education, Poland:

            High Speed Radiotelegraphy

  • Egemen BEZCI, University of Nottingham, UK:

            Anglo-Turkish Reconnaissance Activities during WW II


19:00             Dinner

Keynote Speech: Dr. Ljerka Mintas Hodak, Former Minister of European Affairs (to be confirmed)



SATURDAY (9th of May, 2015)

9:00-10:30    Panel III (Young Researcher Forum / parallel workshops)

Chair: Charlotte BACKERRA, University of Mainz, Germany


10:30             Coffee Break


11:00-13:00  Panel IV: Intelligence Cooperation and Technology

Chair: John NOMIKOS, RIEAS, Athens, Greece

  • Eyal PASCOVICH, University of Haifa, Israel:

             The Quest for Nuclear Technologies – Israeli Bureau of Scientific Liaison (LAKAM)

             and the Fiasco of the Pollard Affair

  • Anna ABELMANN, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany:

             From Paris with Love? French-Israeli Intelligence Cooperation in the 1950s and the Dimona Project

  • Adi FRIMARK, Bar Ilan Universty, Ramat Gan, Israel:

             David versus Goliath: Israeli Intelligence Technology and the USSR

  • Darko TRIFUNOVIC, University of Belgrade, Serbia:

             Intelligence and New Technology    


13:00-14:30  Lunch Break


14:30-16:00  Panel V: Codebreaking and Cryptography

Chair: Thomas WEGENER FRIIS, University of Southern Danmark, Danmark

  • Cees WIEBES, Senior Analyst (ret.), National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, The Netherlands:

             The US Great Seal Bug and the Dutch Effort to build a Replica for the CIA 

  • Samantha HOSSACK, University of Calgary, Canada:

             With Morality on the Line – The United States Use of Codebreaking and Unrestricted Submarine Warfare in the Pacific              War

  • Detlev VREISLEBEN, Process Control Engineer (ret.), Germany:

             Clandestine Communication and Cryptography in Germany during the Cold War


16:00             Coffee Break


16:30-18:00  Panel VI: New Challenges and Intelligence – Internet and Social Media

Chair: Anna DAUN, University of Cologne, Germany

  • Tonći PRODAN, Split Faculty of Maritime Studies, Croatia:

             Internet, Terrorism, Counterterrorism

  • Azriel LORBER, IDF Major (ret.), Israel:

             Technological Intelligence and Technological Surprise              

  • Verena DIERSCH, University of Cologne, Germany:

             The framing of Cyber Surveillance


18:00-19:00  IIHA Annual Membership Meeting (IIHA Members only)


19:30             Dinner

Keynote Speaker Shlomo SHPIRO: 20 Years of Intelligence Studies – What did we learn?



SUNDAY (10th of May, 2015)

9:00-11:00    Panel VII: Homeland Wars and Intelligence

Chair: Chris MORAN, University of Warwick, UK

  • Per-Arne PERSSON, Swedish Army Officer (ret.), National Defence College / Jan-Inge Svensson, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Sweden:

              Managing the Boundary Zone – Intelligence Lessons from the Balkan Wars from a Swedish Perspective   

  • Ivan POKAZ, Brig. General (ret.), Croatia:

              The Importance of SIGINT for the Planning, Preparation and Execution of Military Operations – Experience                                 Comparison from the Homeland War and the recent Military Intelligence Doctrine

  • André RANSON, Lt.-General (ret.), France:

              The Hunt for PIFWCs in Bosnia-Herzegovina: a French Perspective

  • Wesley JOHNSON, Athens, Greece:

              Yugoslav National Army Counter Intelligence and Croatian Arms Acquisition 1990-91


11:00             Coffee Break


11:30-13:30  Panel VIII: Cold War and Counterintelligence

Chair: Wolfgang KRIEGER, University of Marburg, Germany

  • Michael SCHOENHALS, University of Lund, Sweden:

              The Golden Age of Steam – Mail Inspection and Counterintelligence in Cold War China

  • Michael WALA, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany:

              KIBITZ-15: A Stay-Behind-Networks Career in the Early Federal Republic

  • Susanne MEINL, University of Trier, Germany:

              Intelligence between Denazification and the Cold War: The Civil Censorship Division in Germany 1945-1947

  • Patryk PLESKOT, Institute of National Remembrance, Warsaw, Poland:

              Technology on Duty – Technological tools used by Polish Counter-Intelligence in the Surveillance of Western                           Diplomats                                                             

13:30             Closing remarks


Miroslav  TUDJMAN


14:00             End of Conference