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Annual Conference 2021, 19 June, Tutzing, Germany: online due to COVID

Annual Conference 2021: Human Intelligence: People, History, Organizations and Consequences

19 June, Tutzing, Germany: online due to COVID


The 2021 Digital Annual Conference of the International Intelligence History Association (IIHA) focuses on Human Intelligence and presents new  findings on German secret service agents and their foreign collaborators before and after 1945. It also discusses research on double agents and moles in the Cold Wars.


Conference Program

SATURDAY (Juni 19, 2021)



Michel Mayer, Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing

Shlomo Shpiro, Chairman of the IIHA

Michael Wala, Ruhr University Bochum


10:00 PANEL I: The Long Life of Sipo/SD: German Secret Service Agents and their Foreign Collaborators before and after 1945

Chair: Michael Mayer


  • Christoph Dieckmann, University of Bern: The Cooperation of Sipo/SD and the Lithuanian Police Forces, 1941 to 1944
  • François Le Goarant De Tromelin Amicale des Anciens des Services Spéciaux de la Défense Nationale, Paris: Former SD Agent Hans Sommer and his Service for the French Secret Service, the Organisation Gehlen and the Stasi
  • Lutz Heilmann, Ruhr-University Bochum: New Friends? The Impact of Former Members of SS and Wehrmacht on US-Intelligence’s Intelligence Acquisition and Intelligence Processing in the Early Cold War


12:00 BREAK


13:00 PANEL II: Double Agents and Moles in the Cold War

CHAIR: Thomas Wegener Friis, Center for Cold War Studies, Fyn, Denmark

  • Shlomo Shpiro, Bar Ilan University: Blinding the Bear or Being Blin- ded Yourself? The Double Agents Who Put Israel on the Map
  • Danny Orbach, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Perils of Exposure – The Expo- sure of Moles and Reckless Deci- sion Making, 1959 to 1962
  • Yaacov Falkov, Tel Aviv University: Tried and Trusted Patriots” for the CIA: A Latvian Case Study of the KGB “Operativnaia Igra” Theory


14:45 BREAK


15:00 WRAP UP

  • Shlomo Shpiro, Bar Ilan University
  • Michael Wala, Ruhr University Bochum




15:15 IIHA MEMBERSHIP MEETING (members only)