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Annual Conference 1997, 2-4 May, Strausberg

Origins of Intelligence Operations

Conference of the International Intelligence History Study Group
2-4 May 1997

Conference Program

Friday, 2 May 1997
14.45 Opening Remarks

The Beginnings of the U.S. Intelligence Community
Chair: Jürgen Heideking
15.00 Bradley F. SMITH (London): The Intelligence Cooperation Between the United States and the Soviet Union during World War II

15.45 Petra MARQUARDT-BIGMAN (DHI Washington, D.C.): Pioneering Research and Analysis: The R&A Branch of the Office of Strategic Services and Its Legacy

Chair: Hermann J. Rupieper
16.45 J. Kenneth McDONALD (Former Chief Historian CIA, Washington, D.C.): CIA’s Formation and Cold War Transformation, 1945-52

17.30 Mario DEL PERO (University of Milan): The Role of Covert Operations in the United States Cold War Foreign Policy

Chair: Jürgen Rohwer
20.00 John FOX (London): New Secret Intelligence Documents on the Holocaust in British and American Archives

Saturday, 3 May 1997
Chair: Michael Wala
9.00 Horst BOOG (MGFA, Freiburg): The Wringer Project

9.45 Christian OSTERMANN (National Security Archive): American Intelligence and the GDR in the Early Cold War

The Soviet Counterpart
Chair: Wolfgang Krieger
10.45 Matitiahu MAYZEL (Tel Aviv University): Origins and Early Development of the KGB

11.50 Sergei A. KONDRACHEV (Mosow): The Activities of Soviet Foreign Intelligence in Germany from the Last Stage of the War (an Later) and Their Task in Germany after the War

Origins and Development of German Intelligence Organizations
Chair: Reinhard R. Doerries
14.30 Gerhard WEINBERG (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): Aspects of World War II German Intelligence

15.15 James CRITCHFIELD (Williamsburg, VA): The Early History of the Gehlen Organization and Its Influence on the Development of a National Security System within the Federal Republic

Chair: Heike Bungert
16.15 Roger ENGELMANN (Gauck-Behörde, Berlin): Ein Herrschaftsinstrument wird geformt: Ursprung und Entwicklung der DDR-Staatssicherheit bis 1958

17.00 Gary BRUCE (McGill University, Montrea): Of Enemies and Agents: The Impact of the 17 June 1953 Uprising on MfS Operations

18.00 Business Meeting
19.30 Dinner and Reception

Sunday, 4 May 1997
Allied Intelligence
Chair: Petra Marquardt-Bigman
9.00 David KAHN (Arlington, VA): The Origins of the Major Cryptoanalytical Services around
World War I

9.45 Yigal SHEFFY (Tel Aviv University): Institutionalization of a Modern Intelligence System: British Military Intelligence in the Middle East during World War I

10.30 Jérôme MARCHAND (Centre d’Etudes Historiques de la Défense): The British Secret State and the Politics of Elite Culture

Chair: Jan Heitmann
11.30 Frank M. CAIN (Australian Defence Force Academy): Allied and Japanese Intelligence Organizations in the Pacific War 1941 to 1945

14.30 Visit to the Intelligence Department of the Allied Museum
16.00 Departure

IIHA 1997 Conference Report