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Annual Conference 2000, 23-25 June, Paderborn

Intelligence Process and Information Technologies
 in Historical Perspective

23-25 June 2000
Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum – Paderborn/Germany

Conference Program

Friday, 23 June 2000
14.00-16.45 Welcome and Introduction
Wolfgang KRIEGER (Universität Marburg)

Panel I: Historical Development of Cryptology and its Application in Intelligence
Chair: Friedrich L. BAUER (Technische Universität München)
Gilbert BLOCH (Paris): The Polish Reconstitution of the German Military Enigma and the First Decryption of Its Messages
Ralph ERSKINE (Belfast): Naval ULTRA in the Pacific
Arne FRANSÉN (Stockholm): On some Swedish Successes in Cryptoanalysis in World War II
Heinz ULBRICHT (Braunschweig): Uncle Dick and the Horrors of the Enigma
17.00-18.30 Work in Progress in Paderborn
Norbert RYSKA (Director, Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum): Plans for a Specials Exhibition on the History of Cryptology


20.00 Keynote Lecture
David KAHN (New York): Cryptology as the Driver for Modern Intelligence

Saturday, 24 June 2000
9.30-12.00 Panel II: Case Studies in Intelligence Collection
Chair: NN
Jürgen SCHMIDT (Oranienburg): Der russische militärische Nachrichtendienst im russisch-japanischen Krieg 1904-1905
Jan KAPERA (Jagiellonian University): Polish Intelligence in 1939
Kristie MACRAKIS (Minnesota State University): East-German Scientific Intelligence Gathering
Chung-young CHANG (Central Police University, Taiwan): Intelligence Warfare across the Taiwan Straits, 1949-1999


Panel III: Evaluating, Processing, and Using Intelligence
Chair: NN
Shlomo SHPIRO (Bar-Ilan University): Intelligence and the Media — the Release of Intelligence Secrets to the Press
Yigal SHEFFY (Tel-Aviv University): The Early Warning Factor: Intelligence and the Israeli National Security Concept, 1948-1973
Mattitahu MAIZEL (Tel-Aviv University): From Tactical Intelligence to Strategic Decision: the Case of the Syrian Front in June 1967

16.30-18.00 Walking Tour — Paderborn


20.00 IIHSG Annual Membership Meeting
(Mitgliederversammlung des Arbeitskreises Geschichte der Nachrichtendienste e.V.)
<All are welcome but only members may vote!>

Sunday, 25 June 2000
Panel IV: Intelligence in Special Warfare
Chair: NN
Harold SCOTT (University of Pittsburgh): Covert Action in Iran
Filippo SINAGRA (Università di Venezia): Coded Communication in Italian Resistance Warfare 1945

10.40-11.30 Summing Up / Food for Thought
Michael HERMAN (Oxford University): Intelligence Process and Ethics

11.30-13.00 Guided Tour of the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum