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Annual Conference 2012, 1-3 June, Paris

Intelligence Services of the European Powers

1-3 June 2012
Paris / France

The International Intelligence History Association (IIHA) held its 18th annual conference in cooperation with the French École Militaire and the International Diplomatic Academy.


Conference Program

Friday, 1 June 2012
The Free French Club (Fondation de la France Libre)

14:00 Registration

15:00-15:15 Welcome and Conference Introduction
Shlomo SHPIRO, Chairman – International Intelligence History Association (IIHA)

15:15-17:00 Panel I – Espionage in Early Modern Europe
Chair: Shlomo SHPIRO
Anne-Simone ROUS: The Intelligence Service of the Duchess Elisabeth during the Schmalkaldic War 1546-1547
Stephane GENET: Spies to Meet the Russian Army: a French Secret Mission in 1748
Oliver HEMMERLE: Intelligence State-Sponsored Counterfeiting as Clandestine Economic Warfare, 1792-1815

17:00-17:30 Break

17:30-19:00 Panel II – European Powers, Statebuilding and War
Charlotte BACKERRA: Between London and Vienna: Intelligence Networks and State Building in 18th Century Europe
Alexander WILL: A failure of Political Intelligence: The Turko-German Expedition to Egypt of 1914/15 revisited

19:30 Dinner with Keynote Speech by General André RANSON, former Director of French Military Intelligence and former Commander, Joint Special Operations Command: The Spring of French Intelligence.

Saturday, 2 June 2012 
Ecole Militaire – Amphithéâtre ‘De Bourcet’
08:30 Meet at the Entrance Security Post of the Ecole Militaire, 1 Place Joffre, for entry clearance

09:00–10:15 Panel III – The Great War
Chair: Michael Wala
Wim KLINKERT: Anglo-French intelligence activities in the neutral Netherlands, 1914-1918
Yuri TOTROV: British Intelligence in Russia, 1914-1920

10:15-10:45 Break

10:45-12:00 Panel IV – World War II and beyond
Chair: Eva NEUMANN
Michael SEIBOLD: The 1948 French Plan de Renseignement, Intelligence Requirements and the Role of Intelligence History
Daniel MÜNZNER: The Surveillance of Friends: The British MI5 and Friendly Aliens during World War II

12:00-13:00 Lunch (Cafeteria Ecole Militaire)

13:00-13:30 Walk to the National Invalides Museum

13:30-14:30 De Gaulle Historial Tour

14:30-15:00 Walk back to the Ecole Militaire

15:00-16:30 Panel V – France
Chair: Sébastien Laurent
Gerald ARBOIT: An Unknown French Director of Intelligence: Colonel François-Honoré Vincent, 1882-1887
Baptiste COLOM-Y-CANALS: Air Intelligence: a Classic Intelligence Service? Examples of France and the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1956: from Harteman-Dickson to the Suez Crisis

17:00-18:30 Panel VI – United Kingdom
Chair: Anna ABELMANN
Chikara HASHIMOTO: Fighting the Cold War or Colonialism? British Presence in the Middle East: Looking through the lens of the British Security Service in the early Cold War
Philip DAVIES: The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and the Policy Process: Rethinking the Role and Impact of Intelligence in UK National Decision-Making
Julie PRIN-LOMBARDO: The Birth and Creation of the Intelligence and Security Committee in Great Britain in the mid 1990s

18:30 IIHA General Membership Meeting

19:30 Dinner at the Ecole Militaire Officer’s Club


Sunday, 3 June 2012
Ecole Militaire, Amphithéâtre ‘De Bourcet’

09:30-11:00 Panel VII – Germany
Chair: Wolfgang KRIEGER
Tilman LUEDKE: German Intelligence and Colonialism in the ‘East’, 1914 – 1945
Paul MADDRELL: Western Spies in the Economy of the German Democratic Republic during the Cold War
Eva NEUMANN: Intelligence Liaison between West Germany and the United States

11:00-12:00 Young Researchers Forum – Round Table on Intelligence Research Opportunities
Chair: Charlotte BACKERRA
Participants: Anne-Simone ROUS, Damien VAN PUYVELDE, Julie PRIN-LOMBARDO, Michael WALA

12:00 End of Conference