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Annual Conference 2010, 23-25 April, Tutzing

Intelligence and Society

23-25 April 2010
In cooperation with the Akademie für Politische Bildung
Tutzing (Munich/Germany)

Conference program:

Friday, 23 April 2010
14.00 Arrival, Registration, Coffee and Tea in the Main Lobby

15.00 Welcome
Wolfgang KRIEGER (Universität Marburg)
Saskia HIEBER (Akademie Tutzing)

Panel 1, Chair: Shlomo SHPIRO

Florian ALTENHÖNER (Berlin): The Venlo Incident – German Propaganda and the British Secret Service in 1939
Christian ROSSÉ (Neuchâtel): The International Intelligence Community in French-Speaking Switzerland during World War II
Peter BECKER (München): The Eyes and Ears of the Dragon: Chinese Intelligence Services Since 1911/1949

18.30 Dinner

19.30 Keynote Address:
Henning CROME (Pullach): German Postwar Society and the BND: Rembering the Special Investigation of ‘Org. 85’

Saturday, 24 April 2010
8.15 Breakfast

9.00 Panel 2, Chair: Sigurd HESS
Richard H. CUMMINGS (Düsseldorf): The CIA, Crusade for Freedom, and Radio Free Asia
Matitiahu MAYZEL (Tel-Aviv University): Secrecy for the Sake of Publicity: Khrushchev’s 1956 Secret Speech and Destalinisation
Jerca Vodusek STARIC (University of Maribor): Reality or Myth? Enemies of the People , Western Spies and Total Control of Society
Ephraim LAPID (Tel Aviv): Soviet Military Involvement in the Middle East as Societal and Intelligence Challenge to Israel

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Panel 3, Chair: Michael WALA
Lauren Angie HUTTON (Pretoria): Intelligence and Socio-Political Transitions in South Africa
John M. NOMIKOS (Athens): Reforming the Greek Intelligence Service
Ulf WALTHER (Berlin): From KGB to FSB in the Context of Political and Social Transformation in Russia
Clayton D. LAURIE (Washington DC): Popular Views on Intelligence and the CIA in Film and Literature: Entertainment and Reality

18.30 Dinner

20.00 AGN/IIHA membership meeting (members only)

Sunday, 25 April 2010
8.15 Breakfast

9.00 Panel 4, Chair: Gerhard SCHMID
Helmut MÜLLER-ENGBERS (Berlin): Der Kurras-Komplex: A very special case of Stasi subversion in West Germany
Saskia HIEBER (Tutzing): John Peet’s Long Engagement: “Der Spion der keiner war” (The Spy Who Wasn’t)
Jutta BRAUN (Potsdam): Coming to Terms with the Stasi legacy in German Sports

12.00 Lunch, end of conference